Schneider Electric has launched EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor, a suite of flexible digital services for today’s modern, smart offices.

Using real-time data and insights from wireless sensors and other devices, EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor addresses the needs of building managers (heads of real estate, workplace strategists and facility managers) to optimise space in flexible work environments, enhance occupant well-being, and efficiently manage facility services. It also responds to a new generation of workers’ demand for comfort and a seamless experience.

“Today’s new ways of work are changing how offices should be designed and operated to make them more responsive,” says Pradyumna Pandit, VP of digital energy at Schneider Electric. “Building managers are challenged to make fact-based decisions to rationalize underutilised office space, reduce facility services costs, and ensure comfortable environments. And employees, especially millennials and Gen Z, insist on seamless, enjoyable experiences that will enhance their productivity and personal satisfaction.”
EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor features essential analytics and services that fulfil needs in new or retrofit commercial office buildings, including:

  • Occupancy Analytics - Allows users to quickly identify underutilised desks, offices, meeting rooms, and amenities for effective reallocation based on real data. Building managers can rationalise space needs and change layouts of flexible vs. fixed desks to align with employee usage and evolving headcount. It lets employees see available spaces in real-time to support office hoteling.
  • Well-being Analytics - Helps enhance the well-being of building occupants and increase their productivity by actively monitoring temperature, humidity, CO2, noise, light and volatile organic compound (VOC) levels. Users benefit from a proprietary Comfort Score that helps to proactively pinpoint spaces that have consistent comfort issues that impact occupants’ work environments.
  • Geo-location and Wayfinding - Increases employee productivity by helping them save valuable time and avoid frustration with a mobile navigation app that quickly provides the location of colleagues, meeting spaces, desks, or other amenities. It also maintains digital floor plans so they are always up-to-date.

As a cloud-based SaaS offer, EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor will continuously respond to customer demands with additional functionality, including people analytics, asset tracking, and integration into other building systems such as reservations and ticketing, to name a few.

"Schneider Innovation at Every Level is helping our customers to save time, energy, and money every day," added Pradyumna. “Our technical expertise and experience powers some of the world’s most innovative office buildings. With EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor, we enable organizations to transform their offices into a responsive, smart workplaces of the future.”