An entirely new conference experience is now available to clients and delegates at the Cavendish Venues facility near Oxford Circus, London, following an ambitious refurbishment programme with the focus on delivering a showpiece lighting installation in the venue’s tiered auditorium. Using the delegate desk surfaces as the light source, the ambient experience can now be varied to suit the event, topic and type of audience in ways that have not been previously possible.

The main objective was to provide a distinctive, cutting edge experience for clients that would provide the flexibility to alter the perceived size of the auditorium to suit different numbers of people, set VIP seating areas and enable the space to be altered in real time for interactive sessions where audience participation is encouraged. Each desk can be individually controlled and set from a range of 16 million colours to achieve the optimum lighting experience which can also be easily adjusted in real time as well as react to presentation content.
An amBX control system provides the venue operators with a user-friendly, non-technical interface, which also allows the sales team to brand the space during client visits. A multi-space version of amBX Light-Scene Engine software has delivered a sophisticated control interface not only for the auditorium as a whole but also all the way down to individual desk level.
The result is a fully dynamic auditorium that can be used to add new levels of ambience and delegate experience to conferences and meetings of all types.
Dermot Waldron, Operations Director of Cavendish Venues comments “Our clients are our future and we invest for the future. This major financial investment into what is already a state-of-the-art venue only goes to further enhance the status and service that we provide to our clients – that’s been a winning formula for the last 20 years which we look to continue for the next 20. It’s a very exciting time ahead for the team at Cavendish Venues. With this development showing our clients to be at the forefront of our ambitions, we have undertaken to make achieving their objectives smooth with the latest amenities so that every event works seamlessly.”
Neil MacDonald COO of amBX added “The vision that Cavendish Venues had has been brought to reality and really showcases how lighting needs to be thought off as a core part of the proposition rather than a necessity. This project highlights the possibilities that business such as Cavendish Venues can now harness.”