pureLiFi has announced that they have the first Gigabit LiFi components ready for mobile devices. The new optical LiFi components will debut in a commercial device at Mobile World Congress.

The new optical components will, for the first time, allow for mobile device manufacturers to start designing LiFi into mobile handsets. pureLiFi CEO, Alistair Banham, says that now is the time for LiFi to move into the hands of the consumer.

As a wireless technology, LiFi holds the key to solving challenges faced by 5G, which is why both mobile device manufacturers and telecommunication providers alike have shown enthusiasm. In 2018, O2 Telefonica announced their trial with pureLiFi as an answer to 5G indoor communications. LiFi delivers 1000 the bandwidth of traditional wireless, offers ultra-low latency solutions and can services more user per square metre than any other wireless technology on the market.

In addition, an international group of industry experts from companies across the Wi-Fi ecosystem such as Intel, TI, Quantenna, Cisco, HPE, and others have come together to develop the standard for Light Communications based on the globally successful Wi-Fi standard in IEEE 802.11. The LiFi standard in 802.11bb is set for release in 2021.