Internet service provider ASK4 says it is partnering with STRATIS IoT, the leading Internet of Things (IoT) management platform designed for multi-tenanted buildings. The combination of the STRATIS management platform and ASK4’s industry-leading broadband and WiFi service means that property owners can control and understand their buildings like never before, enabling them to deliver the very best occupancy experience to their tenants. Previously only available in North America and Asia, the partnership will bring STRATIS’s novel ‘Sidewalk to Sofa’ access and control to building owners and tenants in the UK for the first time. Owners and Operators will benefit from the ability to monitor live energy data, track and manage work orders, benefit from real-time emergency reporting as well as audit and manage access control – this is property management made easy, saving time and money.

Tenants are able to use a single app on their mobile phone to control their apartment and common areas in their building - from keyless access, heating management and lighting control, to full Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration that will control all of the smart devices within the apartment.

ASK4 and STRATIS recognise the critical role technology plays in our built environment and the collaboration follows the release of ASK4’s latest research report; Building for Tomorrow, Today, which explores the importance of sustainable, purpose-built student accommodation, and looks at the benefits of implementing IoT technology in multi-tenanted buildings.

Commenting on the partnership, ASK4 CEO, Jonathan Burrows said: “We are delighted to be partnering with STRATIS. They have an incredibly deep understanding of this market and have built the best-in-class IoT management platform for multi-tenanted buildings. We look forward to working with STRATIS and to delivering solutions for our clients that enhance the tenant experience and drive real operational efficiency and cost reduction.”

STRATIS CEO, Felicite Moorman added: “STRATIS is necessarily calculating in choosing our partners as we expand across the globe. ASK4 represents the technical strength and expertise we seek when building our reputation and footprint in new countries and provides a core piece of the value proposition that multifamily and student housing owners and operators intend to enable for their residents. All said, the intention of this partnership is to deliver the ultimate value for those owners and operators.”