The launch of a major white paper says boosting workplace health is a wise move “ethically, practically and financially”. Published by building automation company Priva, the document explores some of the practical ways in which this can be achieved, and the long-term benefits for businesses and their staff.

The white paper, which is entitled Healthy Buildings: Why now is the time to invest in building management technologies will be of interest to built environment professionals right across the supply chain from FMs to property owners and commercial landlords as well as C-suite executives and Human Resources / People & Performance teams.

A raft of timely topics are covered including: the value of healthy buildings for employers, landlords and investors; air quality and the impact of CO2; the role of building management technologies in delivering workplace wellbeing; and the drivers for change in light of the Covid pandemic. An overview of the leading healthy buildings certification schemes – including WELL, RESET and BREEAM is also covered.

Priva says its white paper was borne out of a need to address the needs of an emergence of a new generation of architects who favour different materials and a greater reliance on natural light and more effective ventilation. This has prompted deeper thinking about the ways in which workplaces can more closely complement the needs of their occupants.

“If you had the ability to travel back in time fifteen years, you would find plenty of evidence that the debate around modern workplaces was beginning to evolve,” says Gavin Holvey Priva & Ireland’s UK general manager, commenting on the publication of the paper. “Where ideas of functionality had once dominated, questions of form were now being viewed as equally important.”

“New technologies have been a great enabler here: from programmable heating and lighting systems to overall building management platforms, it has become significantly easier to maintain comfortable working conditions. The rise of cloud technologies has also been important as it has allowed systems to be maintained and modified from afar.

“Our white paper is an important document as it addresses all of these points – and more. Never has there been a time for a greater shift in thinking about the ways we can use technology to make workplaces environments which are not only fit for purpose, but are ‘Covid-safe’, comfortable places to work where people can thrive and prosper,” concludes Gavin Holvey.

Priva’s white paper Healthy Buildings: Why now is the time to invest in building management technologies is available to download for free here.