Distech Controls has added products from French field device manufacturer, Enless Wireless, to its catalogue. A new range of LoRa long-distance wireless sensors and transmitters, which are compatible with ECLYPSE controllers, is now on the market. This range includes a wide choice of sensors and interfaces designed to assist applications that monitor comfort and energy performance in buildings.

With the release of its new LoRa BACnet receiver, Enless Wireless’ recent integration with the BACnet protocol has been a synergy accelerator for both parties, as indicated by Yves Garnier, field device programme manager for Europe at Distech Controls: “The Enless Wireless LoRa BACnet receiver is easy to use, highly effective and now, thanks to the BACnet capabilities, it is also simple to integrate the wireless sensors into our ECLYPSE controllers instantly”.

Since Distech Controls launched this new range, initial projects have focused on monitoring CO2 concentration and indoor temperatures. Among the key applications, managing comfort and indoor air quality, driven by the current environment, appears to be the priority for customers. They are looking to measure CO2, levels, volatile organic compounds (VOC), temperature and humidity.

The ECLYPSE technology, coupled with this new range of Enless Wireless LoRa sensors and transmitters, accelerates construction and renovation projects. It means that consumption measurements can be collated over long distances. Users can create their own private LoRa network in just a few clicks or select an operated LoRaWAN communication.

This solution adapts to different needs: measuring temperature, ambient air humidity and quality, outdoor humidity, remote readings for electricity, water and gas, and on/off or analogue signals. Wider coverage can also be achieved with the new ECLYPSE APEX IoT Edge controller by activating the sensors in LoRaWAN mode. A partnership with IoT solutions integrator Synox also makes it possible to interlink values from IoT telecom providers Orange or Objenious.