J2 Innovations has announced the release of Haystack Core, an open-source software library for the latest Haystack 4 open standard which can be used by developers to create new smart building and IoT applications. Written in TypeScript, the open-source initiative will enable more sophisticated applications to be built with ease and at speed. Haystack Core paves the way for a host of new solutions that can manage energy usage, reduce carbon emissions and leverage the latest technologies. By using the Haystack Core APIs J2 Innovations’ OEM and ecosystem partners will be able to create their own Haystack based devices more easily, and faster.

“It’s significant that we’re able to announce this just before Haystack Connect 2021. The initiative has the potential to take Haystack to a different level of sophistication in the smart buildings and IoT applications world and beyond,” said Gareth Johnson, senior cloud architect, and creator of the library, at J2 Innovations. “This is the first library written in TypeScript that fully supports Haystack 4.”

“Haystack has always been about being an open, productive, and powerful development environment and we think this will inspire the community to innovate and build leading-edge software applications that will tap into the vast potential of the eco-system. And the more interesting apps being created will mean the more powerful and pervasive Haystack will become in our lives.”

John Petze, executive director of Project-Haystack.org said: “This substantial addition to the library of Haystack tools and software applications demonstrates the continued efforts of the community to advance and streamline the use of smart device data. J2 Innovations has been part of the Haystack journey since the founding of the effort in 2011. We are excited to see this major contribution!”