Enlighted is expanding its connected lighting and IoT hardware offering with EnOcean’s room controls as an alternative to the Enlighted Room Control (ERC). EnOcean’s room controls are wireless and battery-free. This allows end-users to save time and money when installing and maintaining Enlighted’s systems and helps reduce the number of batteries in landfills, protecting our environment.

EnOcean uses kinetic energy from the control being pressed as the energy source. Since the Enlighted platform is an open system that integrates with third-party devices and software through Bluetooth and software APIs, the EnOcean room control integrates seamlessly with Enlighted Connected and Enlighted IoT sensors.

“Specifiers and end-users can now select from EnOcean room control or the Enlighted ERC,” said Michael Gershowitz, vice president of lighting and IoT solutions for Enlighted. “Both options are wireless, making installation easy, and feature standard wall switch functionality with the capability to override automated programming. Building occupants can manually adjust lighting levels, and color temperature when tunable white fixtures are installed, to save energy, increase comfort or customize illumination for specific tasks. They can also choose from pre-programmed settings through the Enlighted Manage browser-based software interface or customize settings with a few clicks of a mouse.”