The “Smart Energy Innovation Centre”, Huawei's network energy experience centre, has been inaugurated in Nuremberg, Germany. More than 80 European customers attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony launching the centre.

Huawei's “Smart Energy Innovation Centre” is located at Huawei's European Research Institute in Nuremberg, Germany. At the centre a variety of solutions are displayed including the data centre, telecom power, smart PV, and intelligent energy management system solutions.
Fang Liangzhou, VP of Huawei Network Energy, said at the ceremony that: "The next two or three decades will be a critical period for the digital economy as ICT continues to play a pivotal role in the transformation. Two examples of this include the National Broadband Plan in Europe and Industry 4.0 in Germany which have lead the ICT development and the global digitization trend. Huawei has always considered the European market to be hugely important, and has invested huge amounts in R&D and substantial marketing efforts in Europe. Due to years' of build-up, Huawei's European Research Institute in Nuremberg, Germany, has made many breakthroughs, such as new topology algorithms for UPS. The “Smart Energy Innovation Centre” in Nuremberg is the latest investment towards digital transformation and is an embodiment of Huawei's European propositions as well as a bridge to exchange ideas across Europe. It enhances Huawei's close cooperation with the European industry and academic circles and provides a platform with an open ecosystem for mutual learning and experience sharing between customers and consulting organizations across industries. It will help Huawei further cooperate with European companies, and connect with wider global markets."