Ajax Systems has unveiled LightSwitch, a smart light switch which the company says combines professional security technology and best-in-class user experience. LightSwitch features a large touch-sensitive panel responsive to a tap or contactless activation — it is enough to put a hand at least 15 mm close to the device, and the light turns on. Due to the soft LED backlight, it’s easy to do even in the dark.

Aleksandr Konotopskyi, CEO of Ajax Systems, commented, “Attempts to bring lighting to a new level occur regularly. But they have not yet become mainstream for various reasons: the complexity of integration, poor user experience, price, quality, etc. We have a superior technology stack to deliver an outstanding product for lighting control. And we already have over a million facilities connected, our users love Ajax, and we believe we can establish a new generation of lighting control.”

With LightSwitch, security system users can control a wide range of illumination devices, both on-site and remotely, through Ajax apps. Automation scenarios allow switching on the lights by schedule when disarming the security system or by an alarm to see intruders better and deter them. Also, you can configure the system so that the activation of one switch triggers all the switches on-site. Thus, one move turns off the lights in the entire facility.

From the installation perspective, LightSwitch is an entirely hassle-free device. It has standard dimensions of European switches, does not require a neutral wire, and features replaceable face panels, available in eight colours. The product line also includes one-gang, two-gang, and two-way models, and frames of various sizes.