8point3LED and Lux-it have joined forces to launch a new company - Chess Wise Limited, known as Chess UK - a company dedicated to delivering Mymesh, a world-class, wireless technology for smart lighting solutions and beyond. 

Under an exclusive distribution agreement from Chess Wise BV, the Dutch founders of Mymesh, combined with two years of developing new services together for the UK market, Chess UK says it is well placed to support clients seeking to embrace smart lighting and client looking to embrace smart building services. 

Chess UK, brings together the capabilities of 8point3LED, known for securing large smart lighting projects such as Bluewater Shopping Centre, with 10,000 fixtures and Westfield (Stratford), with 4,500 fixtures; and Lux-it, known for supporting lighting OEMs with lighting technology and management consultancy to develop, evolve and

deliver strategies to embrace developing technologies such as wireless connectivity

Han Bak, CEO of Chess Wise BV, said, “The lighting industry is undergoing another transformational change - as it did with the introduction of LED - where wireless lighting control and importantly the data backhaul and subsequent insights for businesses, will see increasing demand for lighting manufacture agnostic solutions that are scalable, secure, resilient and importantly adaptive enabling new services for the future. We are excited about the UK market and Chess UK provides an excellent platform on which to recognise these business opportunities.”