Codelocks has announced a new addition to its range, the CL5520. Offering flexibility and convenience, the CL5520 utilises wireless technology giving users the ability to connect remotely and choose between pushbutton code, smart card or smartphone access.

The addition of a euro profile mortice sash lock with deadbolt and latch bolt features allows building managers to prevent code or card entry when necessary, offering increased security and control. The inside lever handle retracts the deadbolt and latch bolt preventing accidental lock in.
Using advanced programming capabilities, building managers can operate the CL5520 lock remotely via a Bluetooth compatible smartphone by downloading the K3 Connect App, update basic settings and generate multiple, date and time sensitive codes. The lock can also be set in code-free mode at fixed times of the day for ease of access.
Entry can be tightly controlled by issuing NetCodes, which are generated and sent via email and SMS. These codes can be created with a specific start time and date which will automatically expire after the set duration. Furthermore, audit trails allow building managers to keep track of when and where the lock was accessed, with full audit trail data available to download at any time.
“IoT innovations have transformed the end-user experience for those using wireless smart locks,” said Colin Campbell, sales director at Codelocks. “Our smart lock range enables better access control within buildings, while significantly reducing the burden on time for ongoing management tasks.
“There is no denying the customer need for flexibility and our smart locks with a range of access methods are able to offer just that. The combination of smart technology with wireless access, alongside traditional keypad and card access options suits many possible scenarios for many types of users. This includes building managers, school care takers and health service providers, all who demand security and greater levels of control from digital door locks.”
The lock and outside lever functions the same as the CL5510 lock, making it suitable for buildings and environments which require access control for large volumes of traffic. The keyless entry makes access control easier than ever before, eliminating the security issues that arise with lost keys and the need for key management.