Schneider Electric says it has combined style and functionality with its next generation of wall switches. Available in black or white, with LED push-buttons, clean lines and finger-print resistant matte finishes, Saturn Zen embraces the beauty of simplicity with its modern mono-chrome theme.

The Saturn Zen range offers a huge range of installer and user benefits. The range includes switches with enhanced dynamic labelling technology which not only labels the switch, but also shows the state of the controlled device even when it has more than one state, and features simple wall switches to complement the state of the art switches. A single EDLT switch is capable of controlling 16 devices with its multi-page function and toggle switches. This reduces wastage and the cost of the overall system.
The Saturn Zen range follows the latest trends in interior design and comes in sleek black and white colours. To provide the customer with the best possible solution for home automation, Zen switches come in two different shapes: a standard UK square shape and a rectangular shape for those who prefer a unique look.
Another unique feature is its interchangeable button inserts. Customers are given a choice between flat and curved designs, with both inserts coming as standard with every switch, allowing customers to make the best choice for themselves in their own time.
The C-Bus Saturn Zen Switches are also available for those looking to implement a lighting control or home automation system for the first time, or for those wanting to update the switches on their existing C-Bus system.
“In today’s connected world, the need for both energy-efficient and stylish products has never been greater. With the introduction of the Saturn Zen Range, we are catering to the eco-conscious customer without compromising on design. These switches allow homeowners to incorporate innovative technology into the style and feel of their home, while still allowing them to make smarter decisions about their energy usage,” says Asad Zaidi, category marketing manager – Smart Space at Schneider Electric.