Carlo Gavazzi’s latest temperature display SHXXXLSTEMDIS provides a realistic temperature control solution for BMS integrators who work in the high end residential market. The challenge has always been to find a product that integrates well with the BMS control system, and be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use for the home owner.

The display has a built in sensor to monitor room temperature, and a secondary input for a dedicated UFH sensor. Temperatures from elsewhere on the network can also be displayed, for example outside temperature.
Simple “+” and “-“ keys are used to change the set point, while two freely programmable buttons can be customized - popular choices being AC enable or Boost functions.
Four LED dual colour indicators are also programmable and adjustable for brightness, as is the backlighting colour for the LCD screen.
The display will fit a wide variety of popular frames that are designed for 44 x 44 or 55 x 55 inserts, optional blank covers are available and can be screen printed to suit the decor
The temperature displays are used as part of a Dupline system. Dupline bus wiring topology is completely free which means the installation can be carried out using the lowest cost route rather than just multi dropping from sensor to sensor. Either way this solution is easier and cheaper than traditional parallel wiring, which also reduces the number of DDC’s and sub-panels required and provides higher flexibility for last minute changes and enhancements. A simple unscreened 2 core bus cable is all that is required to make the Dupline connection, a 4 core cable can be used to transmit the power around with the Dupline bus for when you need to power the environmental sensors. CO2 + Temperature + Humidity information is converted from 0/4-20mA to Dupline locally before being transmitted back over the Dupline network to the controller.