BuildingIQ has introduced a new Outcome-based Fault Detection (OFD) service offering - a closed-loop building energy management service that helps building and portfolio operators identify issues, prioritize repairs and validate work performed.

Through a combination of AI, energy analytics and human expertise, OFD was created to overcome many of the shortcomings that plague today’s fault detection and diagnostic (FDD) services. These challenges include a deluge of daily faults that are cumbersome to prioritize and action; the high cost of defining and writing rules that identify accurate faults due to a lack of documentation of how systems operate in reality versus the design documents; and a lack of accountability for fault validation. OFD is now available worldwide.
“Outcome-based Fault Detection is a comprehensive solution that takes fault detection in a better and broader direction,” said Michael Nark, president and CEO of BuildingIQ. “It does this by embracing the key role played by facility experts and augments it with machine learning and cutting-edge artificial intelligence. OFD works whether data is good or spotty and leverages machine learning to take the burden of data analytics into the cloud. The result is building operators do not have to waste valuable time and resources scouring through tables of hundreds of daily faults. Instead, with OFD, operators can focus on the things that truly need fixing, their tenants and the bottom line.”