Envoy has announced the launch of its workplace platform, an integrated suite of workplace experience tools that is the first major step toward delivering the unified, smart workplace of the future.

The newest tool to debut is Rooms, meeting room software which is informed by visitor sign-in information. Research from the beta of Envoy’s Rooms product showed that more than 20% of scheduled workplace meetings never happen, yet the conference rooms remain blocked off. Envoy’s Rooms solves this problem with a new responsive booking system that automatically sources your next meeting space, checks you in, or quickly releases the room if you don’t show up.

Rooms will link directly to Envoy’s existing Deliveries and Visitors products, which streamlines, digitizes and automates the entire lobby check-in and package delivery experience, making for seamless transitions between signing in for a meeting and arriving at your meeting room.

Envoy will also launch its new mobile app, unifying all of its products in one place for the first time. Envoy users can track their meetings, visitors and packages and access a customized analytics dashboard via mobile app to better understand the flow of people and packages around the office.

For the facilities and IT teams, Envoy will debut a new global analytics dashboard to help companies better understand how their space is utilized, and make smarter decisions about what to do with it.

Finally, Envoy says it will open up its API, creating a broad platform for users to customize and expand upon.