Wind River says that Bosch Security Systems B. V. is using Android expertise from Wind River for the development of their next generation DCN multimedia Conference System.

Bosch Security Systems has released the DCN multimedia Conference System which utilizes OMNEO, an IP-based media networking architecture and includes user-friendly touch-screen Multimedia Devices. Wind River provided an optimized Android software platform and comprehensive software integration services, helping Bosch to concentrate on delivering innovative features and shortening time-to-market.

The DCN multimedia Conference System includes conference features such as the integration of audio, video and meeting content with Internet access in one single system for enhanced participation and presentation effectiveness. The DCN multimedia Conference System is a highly interoperable, flexible and reliable platform that delivers greater connectivity and multimedia capabilities. For example, during the conference, documents and presentations can be retrieved, shared and displayed using the Internet-enabled Multimedia Devices equipped with high-resolution capacitive touchscreens. Based on open standards, the DCN multimedia Conference System allows the use of custom-made or third-party apps to enhance the meeting experience even further. In total, these features provide the system with a high level of scalability to grow as customers’ requirements evolve.