CP Electronics has unveiled its next generation of Vitesse Plus, a seven-channel lighting control system specially designed for educational and commercial applications, as well as retail spaces.

Created in response to the recent implementation of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) mandate and Education Funding Agency (EFA) guidelines, as well as a growing need to find a cost-effective solution which is easy to set up, Vitesse Plus meets the diverse needs of customers across a range of sectors.

Comprised of seven channels spaced over 12 outputs, Vitesse Plus offers superior flexibility and control. It is a stand-alone system with a built-in pre-set configuration menu which enables users to set up and re-configure spaces quickly and intuitively. The system is designed with the installer in mind; it offers multiple mounting options and simple plug-in connection of luminaires and peripheral devices such as occupancy detectors and scene plates. With 18 SELV inputs, up to five centre-biased retractive switches and a separate keyswitch for emergency lighting testing can be connected. This affords the installer and end user total control, as these can be configured individually or in groups, making Vitesse Plus one of the most adaptable and intuitive stand-alone lighting control systems on the market.

Features such as graduated dimming and corridor hold are simple to set up and control, with photocell detectors making adjustments that take advantage of natural light levels. The inclusion of dimming control switches, which interact with photocell detectors to alter the brightness of DALI or DSI luminaires in line with natural light levels, ensures greater energy efficiency.

The core feature of the system is its simplicity to set to work. Stored within the lighting control module (LCM) is a list of pre-set configurations. Each pre-set configuration or “config” is a pre-programmed set of parameters allowing switches, detectors, and scene plates to work together based on a particular application. After the application is matched to CP Electronics’ online library of configs or the handy pre-set configs booklet, the system can be programmed using the UNLCDHS handset. In a few simple button pushes, the system is set up using the friendly and intuitive menu.

Rob Crookes of CP Electronics explained: “Our aim is to continually deliver improved and more efficient lighting control systems in response to market requirements. By understanding the needs of our customers and the challenges they face, we deliver convenient solutions which satisfy demand within the market for cost and energy savings. Vitesse Plus will enable our customers to achieve their exact control requirements in minimum time, making it perfect for short timescale and retrofit projects.”