Taylor Vinters clearly understands that today’s lawyer-client relationships run deeper than ever before. Businesses and high net-worth individuals expect more than just legal advice; instead they demand experience and knowledge that skillfully navigates across multiple sectors and industries. That’s why at Taylor Vinters they celebrate the capacity to think like an entrepreneur, fully grasp technological nuances, and find fresh opportunities for every investor client.

Headquartered in Cambridge, and operating from its offices in London, Singapore, and Cambridge, and with over 200 staff, Taylor Vinters serves a diverse international client base of private individuals, fast-growth tech companies, multinationals, rural estates, and non-profits.
Already using video conferencing, IT director Steve Sumner was scanning the market for a replacement for their ageing system. The firm’s profile could not settle for anything less than a fully comprehensive, adaptable, leading-edge video technology. The technical team at Taylor Vinters was excited by the opportunities that StarLeaf could offer. They were eager to see a StarLeaf demo which was arranged almost immediately after the first point of contact.
The Taylor Vinters team was keen to have a system that avoided complex integration and firewall security modifications. Also important was an ability for the product to be used on a variety of internet connections and with disparate endpoint devices, such as laptops, PCs, and tablets.
Business development also remained high on the firm’s agenda. This meant implementing a video conferencing platform that would move beyond physical offices to include board room functionality and desktop sharing usable by both staff and clients. Taylor Vinters also required low risk technology and a system that could be deployed easily and simply at operational level.
In StarLeaf, Taylor Vinters found a cloud provider with a full portfolio of hardware solutions and software innovations that fitted the firm’s requirements.
StarLeaf’s hosted video conferencing capabilities meant all the firm’s teams remained connected, wherever and whenever they needed to be. Image quality was clear, sharp and reliable, and connect and control commands were intuitive. StarLeaf desktop sharing and the Breeze Client meant the firm could now take advantage of quick connections and ad hoc meetings and calls.
“It was as simple as plugging it in, and off we went,” said Steve. “Initially we were very keen on the powerful Lync integration capabilities that StarLeaf offered. Since then, our users have found StarLeaf Breeze easy to use and it works simply and effectively on PCs and laptops.”
The installation took place in June 2015 in all three of Taylor Vinters’ offices in the UK and in Singapore. The installation was executed seamlessly and simultaneously on the same day.
Steve goes on to say “We were impressed at the ease of set up and the ease of use for our teams here in the UK and abroad. All three of our offices were installed together on the same day, so disruption was kept to a minimum.”
Ed Turner, the managing partner at Taylor Vinters, is impressed, “Steve and his team have given us a system with excellent quality, great video, great audio, and great underlying reliability. We recently had a board meeting where our CEO was out of the country. He connected with us using StarLeaf Breeze on his laptop, and the meeting was as productive as if he had been in the room with us.”
Taylor Vinters chose to install state-of-the-art StarLeaf GT Mini 3330 units. This versatile system came with pan, tilt, and zoom camera support all on a single screen.
Steve has found that the StarLeaf cost model was extremely favourable. “It meant that we did not have to be limited by how many individuals were going to use the system. That is, we weren’t required to match cost to the number of users,” said Steve. “We can flex the numbers up and down as we like. There’s a one-off annual cost for using it with 3 or 300 people. It’s really a great model.”