NG Bailey is continuing to invest in the development of its specialist energy services offering.

The company’s specialist team – incorporating NG Bailey’s existing engineering, facilities management and IT expertise – is now supported by a central operations centre, which provides data analysis, energy monitoring and alarming, dynamic scheduling and mobile operations management for customers.
Chris Coath, the company’s head of energy, said: “Buildings are generating more data than ever before, and by accessing and then analysing that data we can use our design, engineering and building services capabilities to improve system efficiencies, increase building performance and reduce energy usage. This enables us to generate tangible outcomes for building owners and occupiers.
“The real opportunity is in the analysis of building data, which is what our operations centre is focused on. By being able to analyse and respond, in real time, to the data that is being collected within a building, we can help customers meet their financial and sustainability objectives.
“Our approach moves building operations and management from a cost-based approach to one that is focused on value.”
NG Bailey’s chief executive, David Hurcomb, added: “During the last financial year we have invested in the region of £1m in our energy services offering – both in the team and in the operations centre, which is core to our delivery."