Tridium has launched its enhanced Niagara Marketplace website. The e-commerce website features an improved marketplace connecting sellers to buyers of innovative IoT solutions developed on the Niagara Framework.

Niagara Marketplace now features a third-party secure payment system that allows users to purchase Niagara-based applications and content directly in the e-commerce platform from sellers. In addition, Niagara Marketplace now includes refined navigation and optimized visualization, which helps visitors to easily discover and engage with new products.

“Niagara Marketplace will better connect the Niagara ecosystem and enable our strong community to improve their enterprise IoT assets through a world of new apps and content,” said Victor Abelairas, general manager of Tridium. “The enhanced e-commerce platform will accelerate innovation to unite buyers and sellers with products to meet evolving market needs. Our investments in the Niagara Marketplace and our upcoming Niagara Cloud Suite will drive the future development of connected products and device-to-enterprise applications.”