Tridium is taking the Niagara Framework to the cloud to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation and the development of device-to-enterprise applications.

Niagara Cloud Suite will be the first cloud solution from Tridium. Niagara Cloud Suite is a scalable cloud-based solution that provides secure, remote building management services. The offering provides new integration, connection, and deployment capabilities, building on Tridium’s current model of open and extensible integration with devices, services and applications.

“With more than one million implemented instances, Niagara has been at the forefront of enabling organizations to develop connected products and business applications that bring important assets together in an open, interoperable way,” said Victor Abelairas, general manager of Tridium. “Niagara Cloud Suite will change the connected solutions industry again by responding to our community’s need to utilize the scale and resources of cloud capabilities to infuse real-time, actionable data and analytics within applications.”

Tridium is responding to the strong demand for a Niagara cloud-based solution with a very selective early adopter program. Electronic System Services, Inc (ESSI), a leading building technology provider and longtime Tridium Systems Integrator is one of the participating partners.

“ESSI sees digital transformation as a growing focus of our customers, and cloud connectivity is one of the key technologies that many of our customers value to better manage their building assets,” said John Potpolak, application engineer at ESSI. “It’s exciting to learn about this solution and provide feedback. We can see how users can benefit from the cloud capabilities that enable value-add activities such as an enhanced digital building history, maintenance and performance records to grow portfolio valuations.”

“For every major challenge faced by stakeholders in buildings today – energy waste, lack of detailed energy consumption reporting, occupant comfort, worker productivity, space flexibility – there is a solution that starts with access to information-rich operational data,” Abelairas added. “The vision for Niagara Cloud brings together the power of the Niagara Framework with the future of intelligent buildings, making facilities more cyber secure and energy efficient as well as safer and healthier for the people inside.”