All retail outlets have doors off their shop floor where the public should not go. Yet managing keys creates a distracting staff workload. A bulky mechanical PIN lock ruins the aesthetics of the shop. In a small retail space, electronic access control could be overkill. Now, the Code Handle battery-operated digital lock secures your door with a slim-line handle.

Ensure thieves won’t be tempted to enter a room where valuable stock is held, with only a simple door lock on the handle it is very easy. Yet with Code Handle you can install an attractive, secure product that helps keep thieves out.

Code Handle is a locking handle with a built-in PIN keypad. It adds reliable electronic security to almost any interior door, with no unsightly push-button unit. To lock a door facing a public space, Code Handle does it subtly, simply and with no hassle.

Code Handle is easy for shop staff to operate, you set your own Master Code and issue up to 9 different user PINs (4–6 digits). Employees and authorised visitors such as cleaners press their code on the handle’s keypad and the door unlocks. Close the door and the Code Handle locks automatically. When an employee moves on, you can cancel their PIN in seconds, without removing the handle, and issue a different one.

If you have an access control or alarm system protecting the main entrance, a Code Handle works neatly alongside it without complicated connections or additional cabling.

Looks good and lasts

ASSA ABLOY’s advanced industrial design has created a Code Handle that is slim, sleek and attractive. It looks just like any stylish door handle: so doesn’t stand out when customer walk by.

Installation is easy, with no wiring or specialist tools. Two screws attach your Code Handle to almost any interior door up to 80mm thick, in left- or right-hand versions. You don’t even need to change the existing door cylinder. Two standard CR2 batteries slot inside and typically last for 30,000 lock/unlock cycles before replacement. An LED indicator tells you when.

Code Handle is tested for at least 100,000 operations throughout its life, as well as fire certified (EN 1363). Once installed, it allows free and easy exit from the inside.

Automated locking means you don’t even lock up behind you. To keep a door unlocked, after entering the PIN, temporarily hold Code Handle down for 5 seconds. You can disable the auto-locking feature, if you choose. Like every Code Handle function, it’s user-friendly and secure.

Whether you own, manage or offer security services to a shop, outlet store, petrol station or car dealership, Code Handle is a convenient, low-cost security solution. It locks stock rooms, staff toilets and offices facing onto any space where the public is free to roam.

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