iLOQ has today announced at CeBIT 2016 the world’s first NFC-enabled lock which is powered by the mobile device being used to operate it. Mobile devices have now become keys, as well as wallets.

The technology enables you to use your phone to open doors, without having to install batteries or cables to locks.

“With traditional smart locks, costly regular battery renewal processes or expensive wiring is needed to get the locks powered and connected. These costs really start to matter the more the locks you have,” said iLOQ CEO and founder Mika Pukari.

“Our innovation brings a huge change in the smart lock market. It makes smart locking the best solution where there is a need for high security and real-time access management of locks and users.”

The iLOQ NFC is so small it fits almost any kind of lock cylinders, padlocks or cabinet locks. This makes the iLOQ NFC easy to install, by replacing the existing lock without extra installation work to the door. Real-time access right management is handled by the iLOQ Manager cloud-service.

With iLOQ NFC you can now always find your keys and have real-time access management

iLOQ NFC smart lock harvests electricity from your phones via induction though NFC; so that it not only works as the key, but also the power source for the lock. The technology is patented, ready and fully functional.