Azena has announced upgrades to its open platform for smart cameras that offer new integration capabilities for smart cameras into existing video surveillance systems and tools for more efficient device management for systems integrators.

With this deeper functionality, integrators using the Azena platform and the AI-enabled video analytics from the Azena Application Store, have wider control over large groups of devices, apps and configurations running on their customers' smart cameras with the Azena Operating System. 

The new integration capabilities make it simpler for the integrator to configure and deploy smart cameras using specialized analytics - which produce unique events - into a customer’s existing video surveillance system. Metadata from these specialized analytics, such as weapons detection, tank level monitoring or flood detection, are automatically converted into events for some of the most popular video management software platforms from Milestone, Genetec and Network Optics. This supports integrators in creating vertical and customer-specific, end-to-end solutions that leverage video analytics data across systems and departments.

“Systems integrators are tasked with providing highly customized solutions to their unique client base and, with our platform, apps from our store, and integration tools they can build these specialized solutions - everything from oil flare monitoring in the energy sector to patient fall detection in healthcare facilities,” said Madhav Varma, Vice President, Product for Azena. “These improvements to our platform will streamline the deployment and management of these solutions for integrators, saving time, labor costs and costly truck rolls.”