OpenSensors has booked a stand at the Smart Buildings Show, which is being held at The Barbican, London on the 8-9 November 2017.

OpenSensors aggregates data from a variety of sensors for the next generation of smart Building Management Systems. With real estate at a premium and usually one of a company's largest expenses, whether planning a new office or updating existing office space, understanding how your employees use their current surroundings is essential in creating your most effective and efficient work environment. The company's dashboards help you make the most of your space. OpenSensors team has helped more than 100 companies combine data from new workplace sensors seamlessly, interoperating it with existing and familiar mobile and desktop systems for a fully comprehensive overview.
"With IoT rapidly advancing a new breed of smart real estate, OpenSensors are excited to be leaders in software for smart buildings and look forward to exhibiting at this year's Smart Building Show," said Lucy Johnston, OpenSensors.