Redaptive has announced a new digital platform that tracks and analyzes building energy use data to provide actionable insights for facility managers and energy and sustainability professionals. The solution, titled Redaptive ONE, assesses building performance, simplifies sustainability reporting, and helps to maximize energy savings.

Redaptive ONE: loT electric, gas, and water smart-metering technology enable real-time data dashboard for facility and energy managers’ building portfolios.

Most companies with a large multi-state real estate portfolio need to collect and interpret data across dozens of buildings. This means they have to sort through dozens of water, gas and electric bills in order to track total consumption. Redaptive ONE's metering and data dashboard provides a real-time window into consumption across building portfolios, saving on average 50% on reporting costs and time to gather and interpret the data, in addition to saving between 5%-15% on utility spend.

"Redaptive ONE represents the next big leap for Redaptive's service offering," said Redaptive CEO Arvin Vohra. "With Redaptive ONE, we're providing our customers transparent data insights, easier ESG reporting, and the ability to validate the savings generated from the Energy-as-a-Service upgrades they install with us."

First Redaptive installs meters to measure electricity, water, and gas usage allowing facility managers the visibility needed to optimize critical energy saving and energy generating equipment and make informed operational improvements.

Sustainability leaders can then harness insights from the platform's Sustainability Data Module, which is seamlessly integrated with Energy Star Portfolio Manager or third party API tracking software to simplify energy reporting and benchmarking. For Commercial and Logistics Real Estate Owners for instance, this capability has proven extremely valuable as they typically lack direct access to tenants' utility consumption data for the buildings they manage.

"With Redaptive's metering solution and the Redaptive ONE platform, our team can easily track and monitor consumption data, by building, across our entire portfolio for water, gas and electricity. Prior to Redaptive ONE, gathering data was a slow, manual, and time-intensive process. This real-time solution also identifies inconsistent consumption patterns and automatically sends alerts that ultimately create safer, healthier buildings by identifying leaks and building systems that are running at off-peak intervals." said Spencer Gerberding - Partner at WPT Capital Advisors. "As an added benefit, we are using this data to engage with our tenants to promote energy efficiency capital projects that decarbonize our buildings and assist our tenants in reaching their sustainability goals."