Philips Lighting has announced its Location Lab partner program, comprised of companies developing innovative applications for its highly accurate indoor positioning system.

The Location Lab partner program enables collaboration with industry leaders and start-ups to explore novel uses of the Philips' indoor positioning system that appeal to innovation leaders in retail, malls, offices and other industries. First partners to join include leaders in IT and system integration such as SAP, Microsoft, and Capgemini, strategic enterprise technology advisors and market leaders in handheld computers and electronic shelf labels such as Zebra Technologies and SES-imagotag, location based service software providers such as Favendo, Adactive, Vipera, Nakko and Mapiq, and parties active in robotics such as Blue Jay.
"Our Location Lab partners are as important to us as apps to a smartphone; the value a building owner derives from our indoor positioning system increases with the number of complementary products and services we offer. With our partners we are able to turn our customers' vision into reality and enable them to differentiate through shopper convenience and staff efficiency," said Parik Chopra, segment leader retail and hospitality for Philips Lighting. "The market for indoor positioning is forecasted to triple by 2020, to over 1 million installations. Together with our Location Lab partners we are looking forward to offer scalable systems that fulfill the needs of this growing market."
The announcement of the Location Lab partner program builds on Philips Lighting's previously announced partnership with product mapping and search provider Aisle411 and the YellowDot program to open the technology to other lighting OEMs. Partners in the Location Lab program get access to Philips' indoor positioning software development kit and an evaluation kit comprised of indoor positioning LED lights. This allows them to easily gain familiarity with the indoor positioning technology and explore innovative use cases.