NRG Renew and Lucid, have announced a channel partnership to accelerate the adoption of Lucid’s BuildingOS platform among NRG Renew’s client base. The goal of this partnership is to help organizations accelerate their path to clean and distributed energy by modernizing their portfolios of commercial buildings. To kick off the partnership, Lucid will introduce the platform to 2,500 buildings by the end of 2015 for select NRG clients to empower them to build and execute their path to greater efficiency and renewable energy.

By integrating and aggregating portfolio-wide metering and building systems, BuildingOS is expected to enable NRG Renew customers to unlock new value from their building data and chart their path toward a more efficient use of energy and conversion to clean energy sources. The powerful reporting engine in BuildingOS is intended to ensure that employees across an organization can instantly access and share that data in real-time, resulting in quick, measurable efficiency and productivity gains. NRG Renew will also use BuildingOS to help clients identify opportunities for clean energy, efficiency and smarter energy management practices.

“Our goal is to develop scalable, productized microgrid solutions that bring efficiency, renewable energy and intelligent control to our energy system,” said Robyn Beavers, senior vice president of innovation at NRG Renew. “Our partnership with Lucid will help us deliver on that goal by empowering organizations to use energy data to guide decisions that make those solutions a reality.”

“We are thrilled about our partnership with NRG Renew,” said Vladi Shunturov, co-founder and CEO of Lucid. “Our flexible, cloud-based platform is built for the enterprise: it allows multiple users across an organization to easily manage buildings and meters; and its suite of intuitive, purpose-specific applications enables each team member to solve their unique business problems while increasing cross-departmental visibility and collaboration.”