Philips Lighting has announced the launch of its new wireless connected office lighting system, InterAct Office. With lighting consuming 15% of the global electricity supply, and public and commercial buildings consuming 60% of global lighting-based electricity, the system enables building managers to reduce energy use on lighting in offices by up to a massive 70 percent.

Embracing the ‘smart workplace’ revolution, InterAct Office also allows businesses to optimise operations and create a more comfortable environment for employees without major office renovation – embedding sensors in lighting fixtures to provide unparalleled control and insight into the use of lighting, and subsequently the energy used, in their building portfolio. The system continually collects granular data from sensors embedded in the luminaires before processing and presenting valuable insights to the building/facilities manager on an intuitive dashboard, which can be accessed from anywhere at any time and visualizes data – delivering insights at a glance.
“InterAct Office has the ability to generate huge energy savings, and – rather than an upfront cost – gives customers the ease of a simple monthly payment which is actually funded by the savings the product generates. Furthermore, it gives building managers the opportunity to embed a futureproof smart lighting system, providing insights on energy usage, space occupancy, operational maintenance, and much more without splurging out on a steep initial investment,” said João Pola, CEO of Philips Lighting UK and Ireland. “With electricity generation a leading source of greenhouse gas emissions, InterAct Office can also contribute to meeting UK Government targets to reduce these emissions in the built environment by 50% by 2025.”
The system, with lamps and luminaires equipped with sensors, is installed and operated by Philips Lighting as a lighting service, dispensing with the need for customers to make upfront capital investments. With this, and with the ability to seamlessly leverage existing lighting infrastructure, InterAct Office overcomes the common hurdles associated with connected LED installation such as high costs and retrofitting complications. This will enable more business across the UK to harness the benefits of connected LED technology and reap the environmental and financial benefits that it provides.