Honeywell says that Globalworth, a leading office investor in Central and Eastern Europe, will implement Honeywell Forge enterprise performance management software-as-a-service to facilitate the digital transformation of its A4 Business Park in Katowice, Poland.

Globalworth first implemented Honeywell Forge Predictive Maintenance and Energy Optimization to help deliver operational efficiencies and improve sustainability at two of its buildings in Bucharest, Romania. Now the company will deploy the two solutions at the 36,000 square-meter office complex in Katowice as the latest part of its investment in sustainable building technologies to drive enhanced energy efficiency. The implementation will support Globalworth’s goal to create high quality and energy efficient real estate spaces in which people and businesses can flourish.

“Globalworth continues to invest in technology that enables us to lower our operational costs on activities such as maintenance while optimizing our energy savings,” said Maciej Kamiński, head of property & facility management, Globalworth Poland. “Honeywell Forge has a proven track record of delivering these savings and helping us achieve our sustainability targets at our operations in Romania, but without sacrificing occupant comfort. We chose to expand Honeywell Forge to Katowice because of these results.”

Honeywell Forge Predictive Maintenance uses a proactive maintenance process of curated recommendations to improve how Globalworth’s buildings and assets are maintained. Intuitive dashboards in Honeywell Forge provide near real-time insights to track building performance by using sensors and system integration to analyze building controllers and mechanical assets. Globalworth can reduce unplanned maintenance work on building systems by using the insights to address potential issues before they become more costly expenses.

Artificial intelligence features of Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization autonomously and continually optimize a building's internal set points across hundreds of integrated assets. The solution constantly evaluates occupancy levels, weather, time of day and other data, and makes adjustments every 15 minutes to improve a building's HVAC system for peak efficiency without compromising occupant comfort. These improvements to operational efficiency can generate significant energy cost savings.