Meanwell, the principal partner from Electrónica Olfer, has launched its first power supply with KNX protocol, DIN rail and 20W power.

The power supply with 640mA is intended for use in KNX installations of smart homes and buildings. It resolves the problems of isolated devices by ensuring that all components communicate via one common standard. The unit has single output with integrated choke ready to use for KNX bus. The output is made via standard KNX bus connection and equipped with a overload or short-circuit protection. The unit can be mounted on a standard 35 mm DIN rail while the data rail is not required. It features with slim design from which the width is only 54 m(3 units) to ensure the maximal space usage inside the cabinet. Three LED indicate the operating status shown on the panel of unit where the reset button is also equipped to disconnect the bus line from the power supply and the bus devices connected to this bus line are returned to their initial state.