Prime Light wanted to offer a wireless control solution to their already established customer base. With Chess UK having spent over 20 years developing the revolutionary Mymesh system, it was easy to see that they were the perfect fit to join them with their ambitious growth plans.

Mymesh is a plug and play wireless network which allows the building’s lighting system to operate from a network of wireless switches and PIRs controlled by a central management system; enabling clients to convert their premises into smart buildings.

Prime Light will work with its well-established network of OEMs, contractors and manufacturers and offer the simple-to-install Mymesh system as a wireless solution to both retrofit and new projects. Not only does the system work alongside existing luminaires, it is compatible with all existing DALI solutions and can automate emergency lighting testing regimes.

Sean Hounslow, managing director of Prime Light, says: “We are incredibly excited to have entered into partnership with Chess UK, this is a major step for us on our strategic journey to become the go-to supplier for smart lighting solutions. With Mymesh, we can provide our established customer-base with a cutting-edge control system that offers a versatile solution to any project that requires controllability. It’s only been two weeks and already we have secured several large projects.”

“This partnership will enable us to have a wider reach in the UK lighting industry and support more clients. We recognise that a world-leading technology is only meaningful if it has a world-leading support behind it,” says Jasper Hijink, director of Chess UK. “This move enables us to put even more focus on bringing our message to the market.”