Prime Light has announced the launch of Prime TEQ, a new venture that will bring to the market a specialist home for next-generation lighting controls, emergency lighitng and interoperable smart building solutions and expertise. And to mark this new era, the launch has been accompanied by the release of a brand-new Prime Light website that will provide customers with new functionality to meet their evolving needs.

With an established track record in the lighting components industry that spans almost 30 years, Prime Light is no stranger to adapting to new markets and broadening its expertise to meet emerging demands from customers. Prime TEQ is the very latest chapter in this story as Managing Director, Sean Hounslow explains:

“Growing energy concerns, increasing government initiatives for smart infrastructure, and the drive for leaner processes have all contributed to a growing appetite for lighting controls, emergency lighting and interoperable smart building solutions over the last few years. Whilst we have worked with some of the world’s biggest names in this field for a while, Prime TEQ is the realisation of our ambition to bring together this technology with expertise and services, to create a one-stop-shop for customers looking to access this next generation of products.”

Prime TEQ has partnered with global tech-leaders such as Chess (Mymesh), TM Technologie, Luxbox, Merrytek, and IR-TEC to bring to the UK market the very best cutting-edge solutions that include intelligent wireless lighting controls, smart emergency lighting and automatic testing of emergency lights, to fully integrated systems that also monitor people capacity, air quality, leak detection and more.

As well as offering industry-leading products, the new venture also enables customers to access specialist expertise such as bespoke system design, onsite support, commissioning training assistance, and technical support, providing a holistic solutions-focused approach to this next generation of products that they can trust.

With the future global value of smart building solutions expected to be $229b by 2026, it’s clear Prime Light have got their eyes on future demand with the launch of Prime TEQ. And to support this forward vision, the business has also launched a new website that also aims to meet future customer demand through its new functionality. The site that launched this week hosts each of Prime Light’s 30,000 products. And with new search features and improved user experience, customers will find it easier than ever to find a solution to their requirements.

For more information on Prime TEQ, visit TEQ or call 0208 968 2000.

Prime Light’s new website can be found at