Priva has launched its new cloud service, BI Metrics. The solution is designed to help organisations achieve a better-performing HVAC installation with lower energy usage – and then maintain optimum performance throughout the entire life of the building.

Already nominated for a VSK Award in the Netherlands, Priva BI Metrics analyses a large amount of data so that organisations can undertake preventive maintenance in the exact areas where it is required. Devised to increase installation efficiency, lower energy consumption and enhance comfort levels, BI Metrics is offered as a cloud service for two specific time periods: a 13-month timeframe during the commissioning process; and an annual subscription during the operational phase.
The service has no need for additional sensors because the data from an existing Building Management System (BMS) is sufficient to generate the analysis. By delivering an embedded approach to building performance analysis, BI Metrics guarantees minimal installation costs as well as suitability for a wide range of facility types and applications.
It can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of BMS, including Priva and any other system capable of exporting data points via BACnet, Modbus or comparable communication protocols.
A Dutch pilot project involving deployment of BI Metrics in a 60,000sqm building was shown to have resulted in savings of €125,000 between June 2014 and June 2015. The limited set-up costs led to a near-instantaneous return on investment, while under-performing areas were pinpointed quickly once the system was operational.
Anders Norén, managing director of Priva UK – is excited that a solution he describes as “a genuine game-changer” is now ready to be introduced to organisations, service companies and installers worldwide.
“We firmly believe that the building services market has been waiting for a cloud solution that is as powerful and flexible as BI Metrics,” he says. “The fact is that up to 70% of all buildings do not perform to their design standards – a very concerning figure when you consider the overall global drive to improve building efficiency and minimise the carbon footprint of businesses. Priva BI Metrics is going to be a big part of the solution as it helps users to visualise the problem areas and achieve service efforts or investments that can result not only in large energy savings – but also boost the comfort and well-being of personnel.”