Priva says the National Trust’s recent 125th Anniversary celebration is not only to be celebrated, it is a perfect opportunity for heritage professionals to give more time and thought to the protection of historic buildings through control-based technologies.

Priva has long provided building management solutions to the heritage sector -including the National Trust, the Historic Royal Palaces and high-profile sites such as St Paul’s Cathedral. The company has seen first-hand the benefits of future-proofing special and listed buildings with leading-edge building control technology.

Protecting the fabric of the historic or listed buildings is undoubtedly the ultimate priority for anyone associated with building conservation. However, Priva believes that many in the conservation sector may be unaware that it is possible to future-proof heritage buildings with the same control-based technologies found in modern structures.

Priva’s UK & Ireland Sales Manager Gavin Holvey explains: “Organisations such as the National Trust take incredible care of special buildings – and we are delighted that Priva technology is playing an active part in this process. Our message is simple – we want to make sure more UK buildings are future-proofed, and in turn help owners and conservators improve building efficiency and reduce emissions through greater control of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning services. All of this is achieved whilst maintaining a pleasant and welcoming environment for staff, conservators and visitors.”

To support heritage building consultants and professionals in the sector, Priva has published a guide which includes case studies covering the integration of building and energy management systems at some of the world’s most famous buildings.

Entitled ‘Future-proofing Britain’s Historic Buildings’, this 20-page book offers a non-technical overview of the outcomes and benefits of control technology. The document explains in clear language how Priva’s technology – which is in use at sites such as St Paul’s Cathedral; Westminster Abbey; and Rosslyn Chapel – is delivering significant energy savings; improved indoor climate conditions and greater visibility of energy use.

To request a copy of Priva’s Future-proofing Britain’s Historic Buildings book, please contact the UK Sales office on: T +44 (0)1923 813 480 or