Touchpoint One Hotel – a new operating device which provides guests with personalised control over the indoor climate of hotel rooms – has been launched by Priva.

Touchpoint One Hotel combines modern design aesthetics with ease to use. This sleek, unobtrusive technology delivers maximum comfort along with cost-efficiency and energy savings. Hotel guests can use the device to create a personalised climate – thereby achieving optimal comfort levels and an outstanding climate experience.

This model is the newest member of the Priva Touchpoint One family. Features includes an LED display and touch screen which control the preferences in the room. For added ease of use, the device also offers feedback on the ‘climate status’ of the room itself - icons indicate a range of functions such as cooling, heating or an open window – this visibility helps guests to understand what the system is doing at any time.

Familiar iconography

International guests will also feel at home using Touchpoint One Hotel; the control panel uses familiar icons that can be easily understood, regardless of the local language.

Guests can choose to display the temperature on the Priva Touchpoint One Hotel display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Operational excellence

Priva Touchpoint One Hotel not only contributes to overall enhancements to guest satisfaction; it enables operators and owners to manage their hotel estate in the most efficient manner.

For example, “Make up Room” and” Do not Disturb” request buttons can be integrated with the PMS (Property Management System). This makes it possible to display the status of each room centrally, thereby allowing hotel managers to optimise the scheduling of the cleaning staff.

The device can also be used to prevent and solve customer issues. For example, if the climate control is turned off because an open window has been detected, guests can clearly see this on the display. This avoids unnecessary efforts for the hotel maintenance staff in trying to troubleshoot the problem.

Choice and customisation

The Priva Touchpoint One Hotel is available in two front colour choices (black and white); and customised colours for the back shell mean it will fit into every kind of room design. It is also possible for hotel owners to arrange for panels to be customised with their own brand or logo.