Harvard Technology says it has continued to push the boundaries of smart LED lighting innovations by expanding its leading-edge CoolLED Pro programmable driver range, with the addition of a CLi15 1-10V/0-10V Analogue dimmable and CLi40 DALI variants.

Fully optimised for a wide range of connected lighting systems for a range of applications, the power factor corrected, fully isolated output driver, was initially launched in November 2017 at the LUX Live exhibition, in a 15W DALI variant, delivering a programmable output current range between 100-1400mA.
The CoolLED Pro drivers utilise the most advanced circuit technology to date, delivering significant improvements in energy efficiency, performance and connected LED lighting capabilities.
Both the CLi15 1-10V/0-10V and CLi40 DALI drivers support the precise tuning of output current in 1mA step increments and smooth linear dimming down to 0.1% over the entire output range, with options for mains tolerant DALI dimming.
The drivers can be pre-programmed in the factory or at the customer location via a programming software interface, allowing the complete freedom to control the output power in any configuration they wish.