Q Acoustics, working with sister company Audica, has developed a range of fire and acoustic hoods for its in-ceiling and in-wall speakers to help electricians and installers remain compliant with new building regulations, whilst also ensuring optimum audio quality and reducing sound pollution. The innovative hoods, designed to cover the rear of the speakers, will dramatically slow the spread of fire between floors, as well as decreasing potential sound leakage from the back of the speaker.

It is a legal requirement in many new buildings that all speakers installed below any habitable rooms and escape routes are fitted with a fireproof hood. The Q Acoustics product, which comes in a number of different sizes, has been designed to melt when it comes into contact with high temperatures, creating a robust seal. As a result, the hoods, which have been tested at the UK Building Test Centre and comply with Part B and Part E of the UK Building Regulations, maintain 30-60 minutes of fire-resistant rating.
The benefit of installing a speaker hood is two-fold, with the product range also being carefully engineered to reduce sound pollution into other rooms within buildings. Adding the solution will restore the acoustic integrity of the ceiling or wall, whilst reducing the rear transmission of sound by around 10dB over the mid to high frequency range. This means consumers can enjoy quality sound via Q Acoustics Install and Audica speakers, whilst minimising disturbance to other residents in the building complex, or in neighbouring properties. This should be of particular interest to people installing additional overhead speakers for Home Cinemas.
The hoods, which can be purchased on the Q Acoustics website, are compatible with the whole range of both Q Acoustics Install and Audica speakers, including Qi 50, Qi 65, Qi 80, Qi 65R, Qi 80R, Qi 80LCR, (from Q Acoustics), as well as IC125 and IC165 (from Audica).
Alex Munro, brand director at Q Acoustics and Audica, said: “Regardless of whether or not it is a legal requirement, we would thoroughly recommend these hoods as a safety precaution in all installations. Not only do they help resist the spread of fire but they also provide a barrier that reduces the transmission of noise to adjacent rooms and properties. Combined with our award-winning speakers, consumers can get the best of both worlds with superior sound quality and fire protection.”