The built environment is in a state of flux. Costs are growing, demand for workspace is shrinking and tenant expectations have never been higher. Building compliance regs are increasing year on year and building stock is failing to keep pace.

The contracting process is tied in knots by an outdated procurement model, leading to customers being let down by a construction industry which promises the Earth but fails to deliver.

Old ways of working just aren’t enough to meet the challenge — it’s time to accept this new commercial reality.

That’s why LMG is raising the bar: for landlords, for the tenants they serve and for the buildings they inhabit.

By raising the bar for the built environment, we are leading the way to a new era for commercial real estate – making a clean break with the past and embracing a higher standard.

We remove complexity, build in flexibility and sustainability, and deliver reliable, guaranteed outcomes – transforming buildings from lifeless shells to smart, dynamic hubs.

We underpin regulatory compliance and ensure that user experience is paramount. From the earliest stages of the design and planning process, our goal is to enable landlords to be more cost effective and responsive to the needs of their tenants.

This shift doesn't have to be painful. Thanks to decades of experience with landlords, tenants and main contractors, we know how to ensure that all stakeholders' needs are met and nobody is left behind.

Whether it’s an office or a hotel, a data centre or an airport, we place technology at the heart of the changing built environment by providing predictable flexibility. In LMG, building owners and tenants have a strategic partner who can assure profitable, secure, sustainable spaces without compromise.

The built environment is changing. It’s time to raise the bar.

LMG is exhibiting at Smart Buildings Show - stand B18.