Real-time access control can enable facility managers to get ahead of security problems, rather than wait for them to get worse. Yet traditional wired access control can be expensive and disruptive to install. Wireless Aperio locks — installed cable-free and integrated online — add this real-time control to more doors at a much lower cost than equivalent wired door locks.

Why do security managers increasingly prioritise online access control? Because real-time management of an online system enables them to solve a minor issue before it creates a problem. Online control keeps site users safer and ensures an organization’s valuable equipment and data are protected.

When someone loses their credential, online integration enables facility managers to cancel its permissions and blacklist it right away. Nobody needs to visit a door or system updater. Online access control maintain an overview of site security in real time, with the ability to create audit trails for any lock or user on demand. Security staff can always find out who went where, and when — now, not an hour ago or yesterday. With online access control they can also gain remote control over entrances and exits, which could be critical in an emergency.

Aperio battery-powered locks with integrated RFID-Readers are built on an open platform, online (and offline) integration with almost any new or existing security system is seamless. One sentence about the function of the hub.

Aperio wireless locks already enhance security with real-time, online access control in healthcare, education, corporate, governmental and commercial premises all over Europe.

A business education campus copes efficiently with lost credentials

As a provider of future-oriented business education, The Camp sought an access solution as forward-thinking as their courses. Aperio wireless locks integrated with a TIL Technologies system enables real-time management of the site, with profiles to segment individuals who need fine-grained access to specific areas.

“Many credentials get lost and Aperio enables us to handle this efficiently,” says Benjamin Ciotto, Head of Information Technology at The Camp. A few clicks are all it takes to cancel a lost key-card and issue a replacement.

“Online mode is very important because [access] rights are very often updated for the constantly shifting campus population,” adds Ciotto. “We can also program access to defined time slots, which is essential when we welcome 200 people for an all-day meeting, for example.”

An innovative workspace benefits from real-time control

At Plexal in East London, enterprise and academia work together, with technology companies, start-ups, universities and creatives under one roof. Up to 800 entrepreneurs use the workspace to devise, create and launch products and services.

Plexal offices are equipped with Aperio’s wireless, access card-based locking technology. Plexal’s Aperio locks are integrated with DoorFlow, NetNodes’ online platform for managing and auditing building access.

To date, 59 Aperio L100 wireless high-security door locks have been installed and integrated online with DoorFlow. These Aperio locks provide Plexal with the highest levels of physical protection and transmit door status to DoorFlow — all in real time.

A French hospital keeps a busy site open, welcoming… and secure

The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Grenoble occupies a site that’s open to the city. Quite literally: it has no enclosing walls. With so many people on the premises each day, property theft had become widespread. CHU’s 7,800 employees needed reassurance that their belongings, as well as those of visitors, were well protected.

A modest outlay on 20 Aperio wireless cylinders and escutcheons, integrated online with a Castel access control system, transformed hospital security. Aperio’s immediate impact was to drastically reduce theft. Online integration ensures hospital managers monitor building information in real time — even removing a key-card’s permissions remotely when required.

A student accommodation block streamlines resident turnover

Crous Montpellier fixed their recurring lost key problem by replacing mechanical locks with Aperio cylinders. Now 1,500 wireless Aperio cylinders are integrated online with their ARD security system, giving facility managers a live overview of accommodation security.

When a student loses their key-card, it’s simple for a site manager to cancel the old credential and issue a new one. Because Aperio integration is online, managers block lost credentials quickly using the software, without visiting the door. It is just as easy to de-authorize credentials for students who leave, even if they forget to return their smart-card. An administrator simply removes them from the system database and they are locked out.

Online integration saves Crous time and money

Every day around 7,000 people pass through Aix-Marseille University’s suburban Luminy campus. As part of a modernization project, managers sought a retrofit-ready access control solution to upgrade security for two buildings.

The campus is now equipped with Aperio cylinders and electronic handles with built-in RFID readers. Locks are integrated seamlessly, wirelessly and online with an ARD access control system. Online Aperio integration gives staff a “live” overview of the campus, so they can respond proactively. “We have critical premises, including for the storage of chemicals, some with radioactive properties,” says Cédric Lopez, Maintenance Manager at Luminy.

One key metric for new locking was to deter theft, which was becoming a problem in teaching areas with computers. “Since we installed Aperio, we have not had a break-in,” adds Lopez.

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