Carlo Gavazzi’s video for smart building controls shows you how to reduce the installation cost on any commercial building smart-building project by up to 50%.

The video is designed to introduce integrators and installers alike to the concept of the Dupline® fieldbus system, clearly showing how savings are made by reducing the amount of parallel wiring.

Installing a Dupline® network could not be easier as there are no rules to adhere to like you have with other network systems, which makes Dupline® the ideal choice for connecting devices used in HVAC applications. Lighting control can also be incorporated by using the Dupline® to DALI gateway, while integration to the BMS can be achieved via BACnet over IP.

The Dupline® network features free topology of just about any type of cable, no twist or screen is required. Many components such as presence and movement detectors, CO2/temperature/humidity sensors, lux sensors and small de-centralised I/O-modules are all powered by the bus. Last minute changes and future expansion no longer present a challenge, and retrofitting using existing cable is a realistic possibility.

Commissioning of the system is carried out using the simple configuration tool (which is free of charge); the tool is used to scan the network and discover the field devices, and generate the BACnet objects. Labels can be added and signal status can be monitored, prior to BACnet discovery from the host device.