Scanalytics teamed up with Cisco to announce a collaboration that focuses on the smart building sector.

Scanalytics’ technology was awarded first place at Cisco’s IoT for Business development competition for Best Smart Building technology, held at Viva Technology 2017 in Paris, France from June 15-17.
Cisco’s ongoing engagement with the French government focuses on long-term partnerships to further support and grow new innovative businesses. This year their emphasis was on identifying and engaging with promising Internet of Things companies that create new opportunities for customers to build smart environments.
Scanalytics CEO Joe Scanlin and Director of Product Petr Bambasek spent time with Cisco engineers to combine the smart flooring technology with Cisco’s cloud collaboration platform, Spark. Scanalytics’ technology gives a physical environment the ability to autonomously “learn” about its occupants, and Cisco Spark gives the ability for that environment to communicate to its occupants. The tool utilizes a chat bot to pull data being captured about the building from Scanalytics’ application programming interface (API) in real time. For example, Scanlin presented a prototype for a company looking to improve the wellness of their employees in an office environment. The bot was able to detect movement/collaboration behavior and make productivity-boosting suggestions in a shared chat room, such as, “I’ve noticed a decrease in movement, try standing up and walking for a few minutes.”
In addition, Scanlin was able to show how the tool could be a vital asset to a facilities management group, as the tool has the capacity to relay real-time and historical data on how a building was used throughout the day. For example, the bot could tell a facilities department at the end of the day, “Restroom A has been frequented 64 times and restroom B was frequented 8 times, so save time and wait to clean B until tomorrow.”