Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures have completed the UK’s first commercial installation of Human Centric smartLighting (HCsL) at Gymshark’s new 42,000 sq ft HQ at Blyth Valley Business Park, Birmingham.

The lighting system creates comparable light within working space by adjusting the colour temperature to mimic the daylight curve of the sun (known as the circadian course). The new facility has the capacity for up to 450 new positions, with the creation of 150 new jobs across the Midlands in next 12 months alone.
Scenariio worked with award-winning design company Oktra, who undertook workplace consultancy process to engage with Gymshark’s company culture and explore new ways of working including state-of-the-art smart lighting and emergency lighting systems.
The smartengine lighting system installed connects over 400 light fixtures with smartsensors that are constantly monitoring and reporting on the building’s environment. This data can be used to produce space utilisation reports, integrate with other building management systems and control the light fixtures on a granular level to save costs and improve efficiency. This technology will arm Gymshark with the data they will need to carefully plan their expansion in the coming years.
“The creativity, passion and vision that Gymshark have, has led to an amazing and unique space that is just a perfect fit for the Gymshark family” said Scenariio’s project manager, George Pritchard, “We were able to utilise industry leading lighting technology throughout new GSHQ to support the wellbeing and enhance the working day for everyone that is fortunate enough to work at or visit GSHQ.”
The new design scheme consists of a large, open plan front-of-house space which connects all floors to allow for collaborative working. The ground floor catering facility includes a cinema and play space. The prime feature of the building is the courtyard, containing a giant Gymshark logo and is designed to be viewed on Google Earth.
The ground floor also boasts an editing hub for videographers, designed to broadcast the latest brand news and messages to the rest of the business. The product and material bars featured throughout offer support to the design team when creating new, innovating apparel.