Schneider Electric has announced a new partnership with IPConfigure, to integrate cutting-edge video surveillance solutions into Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Buildings platform. The combination of Schneider Electric's Access Expert and Security Expert products with IPConfigure's Orchid video management system (VMS) will provide an unparalleled security ecosystem, offering a comprehensive and integrated solution for protecting people, assets, and data.

The integration of Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure software with IPConfigure’s Orchid will allow facility managers in a digital-cloud dedicated or cloud-enabled environment to share information across video systems, access control systems, building management systems, and power management systems, to ensure a safe and secure environment for occupants.

Orchid is the industry's simplest and most scalable video management platform, highly adaptive to both greenfield and existing security projects. The platform offers an intuitive user experience accessible from any device. Orchid will be integrated with EcoStruxure's two security technology platforms: Security Expert, which unifies physical access control and intrusion detection, and Access Expert, which offers mobile cloud security with video monitoring, alarms, visitor management, and building operations. The partnership empowers customers to streamline the adoption of a comprehensive building solution encompassing efficiency, security, and occupant needs, significantly simplifying the process through a new, scalable cloud management tool.

"The partnership with IPConfigure reflects Schneider Electric's commitment to a digital future that offers our channels and customers long-term technology solutions that modernize and future-proof buildings," said James Mylett, Senior Vice President of U.S. Digital Buildings at Schneider Electric. "Matching the needs of the customer with both Schneider Electric and IPConfigure's standard of providing a single-source, simplified security management and building operations tool has always been top priority, in addition to excellent service, insight and leadership for our products."

EcoStruxure and Orchid's flexible, intuitive Security Solutions are currently being used by global and national enterprises, including some of the largest fast-food companies, retailers, and school districts in the U.S. Features of Orchid that will be integrated with EcoStruxure include:

  • On-Premise and Cloud Options: Orchid supports single to multi-site configurations locally or via the cloud. It offers solutions for both private networks, hybrid cloud (local recording with cloud management), or pure cloud configurations.
  • OS and Hardware Agnostic: Orchid can be installed on Windows or Linux devices to record thousands of different camera models using open standards such as Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF).
  • Scalable Recording Environments: Orchid enables the recording and management of any number of cameras, locations, and users through a single interface, accommodating from one to an unlimited scale seamlessly.
  • Customizable Interfaces: Orchid utilizes open standards, providing a complete web browser interface and an open API for seamless third-party integrations. The accessible RESTful API enables effortless customization and script development for both technology partners and customers.
  • Seamless User Access: A refreshingly intuitive, browser-based interface has been shown to encourage swift adoption and increased usage of the camera system. Single Sign-On integrations automatically adjust users to allow secure access throughout changing roles in the organization. Easily grant permissions access to selected capabilities, cameras, and locations with specific users and user groups.

"Our Orchid video management platform embodies simplicity at its core, offering users a seamless and straightforward solution," said Christopher Uiterwyk, CEO of IPConfigure. "Pairing it with EcoStruxure equips users with the precise technology needed to swiftly and decisively address their digital security needs with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness."