Schneider Electric has announced its smart energy management solutions feature in the London headquarters of leading design, engineering, and consulting group Sidara.

Designed by Sidara’s own engineers, 150 Holborn has been created with sustainability and user efficiency at its core. Embedded with innovative smart building technology, the new headquarters will play a key role in supporting Sidara’s ambition to decarbonise its business by 2030, under the World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment.

The building, which officially opened its doors in January 2023, is over 180,000 square feet and caters for over 1,000 employees. It is built on Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IoT platform and uses a sophisticated network of over 650 sensors and controls to collect, analyse, and manage over 60,000 data points. These provide vital information into energy usage, occupancy patterns, and environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and light intensity, in near real time.

The data and insights from the platform allow Sidara to tailor the environmental conditions within office spaces and meet the specific needs and preferences of occupants. Whether it’s adjusting lighting levels, modifying temperatures, or boosting air quality, the system ensures that workspaces are not just habitable but are optimised to promote well-being and productivity. It is also helping the company to reduce energy waste and deliver on the wider sustainability initiatives.

“Access to Schneider Electric’s expertise and experience has been vital to understanding how our building’s technology and systems must be designed to enable continuous optimisation and innovation,” said Dan Cope, IT manager at Sidara. “Our vision is to create a best-in-class working environment to optimise energy consumption and enhance comfort levels for both employees and visitors. However, this is just the beginning. Becoming more sustainable is a journey and ongoing engagement with the Schneider Electric team will be key to understanding the building and benchmarking ourselves moving forward.”

“With 150 Holborn, Sidara has created a building of the future, today. Every aspect of its smart infrastructure has been meticulously planned and executed to help the company on its journey to net-zero,” said Kas Mohammed, VP Digital Energy at Schneider Electric UK & Ireland. “This new headquarters stands as a beacon of best-practice and Sidara’s efforts to build sustainability into its very foundation is something that others can – and should – look to emulate.”