Schneider Electric has launched the “Buildings of the Future” series, as part of their “Digital Buildings” podcast. With the first episode of the series already available on-demand, and a second coming on the 7th of June, the smart buildings podcast provides expert opinions and predictions on the transition of the UK’s ageing building stock, from outdated to connected.

Hosted by Kas Mohammed, VP of digital energy at Schneider Electric, the podcasts will be recorded monthly until November 2021. With the imminent easing of lockdown restrictions, UK buildings are set to be tested in the newly flexible and ever-unpredictable post-Covid world. This, combined with the increasing pressure for businesses and organisations to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions means that all buildings, from offices to hospitals to hotels, will need to become smarter, and more efficient and resilient.

As building management is high on the business agenda, the Schneider Electric team wanted to create a platform to openly discuss the challenges, trends, and opportunities in the world of smart and connected buildings.

Episode 1: The Destination Office

In this episode, Kas Mohammed is joined by Jeremy Myerson, director of WorkTech, to explore current trends in workplace design and management and the importance of healthy workspaces to the modern workforce. Jeremy highlights the evolution of the office that we have witnessed over the past year and the changes required to adapt to the current working dynamic – one of flexibility, autonomy and using office space for face-to-face collaboration.

Upcoming episodes explore a variety of hot topics in the building sector, including:

  • SmartScore Certification: WiredScore’s Jules Barker highlights the benefits of SmartScore certification, such as guidance on achieving smart building status and proof of the value it adds to your asset.
  • Future-proofing buildings through design: Looking into the design stage of a building and how this will change when creating future buildings.
  • Human-centricity: This episode will look at the new occupant demands in buildings such as hospitals, offices, universities, and hotels, and how buildings should accommodate to meet new expectations.
  • The construction of smart buildings: Schneider Electric’s partnership with RIB and what the connected future of buildings means for construction firms is discussed in this session.
  • Healthy, efficient buildings: Exploring Schneider Electric’s partnership with Planon and how buildings like universities should adapt to provide healthier environments.
  • The complex construction supply chain: This episode will connect the dots between the many elements of the construction supply chain, highlighting the importance of end-user engagement throughout the entire building lifecycle.