Schneider Electric has unveiled Schneider Home – a first-of-its-kind home energy management solution for homeowners seeking savings, comfort, and energy independence.

The Schneider Home energy management solution includes a home battery for clean energy storage, a high-power solar inverter, a smart electrical panel, electric vehicle charger and connected electric sockets and light switches – all controlled by the easy-to-use Schneider Home app. The Schneider Home solution intelligently orchestrates home energy by bringing together utility power, solar, back up battery and EV charging. It offers unparalleled intelligence to homeowners, including the ability to monitor energy consumption by individual appliance, decide where to prioritise power during an outage to extend available back up power, and avoid expensive electrical service upgrades when purchasing an EV. The solution also allows homeowners to save by enrolling in utility programs and qualify for tax incentives.

Nadege Petit, executive vice president, innovation at Schneider Electric said, “There’s never been a greater need for transformation or a greater opportunity for positive impact and innovation is how we empower consumers on their path to net zero. Homeowners are now able to produce their own energy and seamlessly switch between power sources to optimise cost. Schneider Home provides them the tools for a self-sufficient home, reducing their environmental impact, while saving them money on their energy bills.”

  • Schneider Home offers integration of energy resources and digital capabilities, including:
  • Schneider Pulse: The heart of the electrified home. A smart electrical panel powered by embedded technology, functionality, and intelligence to interconnect various energy sources within the home. This solution has already been recognised for its innovation with awards from Time, Fast Company, and Green Builder, among others.
  • Schneider Boost: The home battery for energy storage. Store solar energy during the day and use it during peak rates for utility bill savings and to keep home power flowing during an outage.
  • Schneider Inverter: The high-power hybrid inverter for solar and storage. Converts solar energy output into usable AC electricity.
  • Schneider Charge: The electric vehicle charger. Leverages onsite solar and storage to boost charge speed and reduce charging costs.
  • Schneider Home: The single app to control it all. Monitor, control and automate whole home energy management through one easy-to-use application.