Schneider Electric has launched its comprehensive, 54-product distribution range for multi-occupancy buildings. Urban centres are becoming more densely populated. Faced with a chronic lack of space and rising property and land prices in modern cities, landlords and developers are increasingly turning to multi-occupancy buildings to maximise their property use. However, this poses a significant challenge for electrical distribution.

Building network operators (BNOs) can often struggle to safely and efficiently split differing units of energy between various dwellings with their own specific energy needs. This can result in unexpected power surges, overheating and damaged equipment, as well as the added costs and downtime required for maintenance. Distribution can be especially difficult in large commercial buildings where three-phase electrical currents are usually split between big energy consumers like lifts and CCTV systems.
Schneider Electric’s Multiple Occupancy Distribution Equipment (MODE) range tackles this challenge head-on. MODE serves as a low-voltage indoor distribution point, safely ferrying the appropriate loads from the building’s supply to its various energy users. It provides cost effective, safe and reliable fused protection for the distribution of electrical supplies in large buildings such as apartments, hotels and retail outlets. Intensive testing and quality manufacturing limit the danger to both equipment and operators, boosting safety and limiting costs through reducing the occurrence of breakdowns.
The range is also designed to maximise the use of space, with easily installable components and options that reduce the need for excess cabling. Where space is at a premium, developers can make more efficient and profitable use of the extra room.
MODE can be used in any building or facility where multiple-occupancy or mixed-use is prevalent. Its many variants offer solutions for every power requirement across a wide range of multi-purpose buildings. For larger power supplies, the solution can accommodate several shielded fuseways for outgoing distribution circuits, providing safer distribution and access for engineers than uncovered fuseways. The range also includes additional accessories, such as adjustable cable cleats and optional extension boxes, for different termination arrangements.
MODE is engineered for increased efficiency, safety and ease of installation. Reliability is assured through both the one-piece comb busbar design of the MODE units and high-intensity temperature testing. Specially designed vents at the top and bottom of each unit improve natural air circulation and cooling, reducing the chances of overheating and allowing the units to be installed in enclosed spaces. The unit’s doors are removable and secured with captive screws, enabling easy access while providing operator optimal protection from electrical shock.
“Schneider Electric has been the premier supplier of MODE solutions for distribution network operators for 15 years. We’re confident that we’ll deliver the same experience, expertise and innovation in our solutions for building operators” said Seth Townsley, marketing manager at Schneider Electric. “We understand the challenges of supply distribution in our increasingly complex buildings and facilities, and we’ve tailored MODE expressly to answer them. By keeping our manufacturing, design and engineering in-house, we’ve crafted a market-leading solution that improves efficiency and safety while cutting costs for our customers.”