Schneider Electric has launched a new Software as a Service offer -- Eurotherm Online Services (EOS).

An integrated online platform and management tool for overseeing calibration records and regulatory status, EOS offers an automated, digitised process for easy collection and retrieval of critical process data – from shop floor to top floor -when and where required.
Jean-Pascal Tricoire, chairman & CEO of Schneider Electric said: “The extensive digitisation of industries globally is demanding highly connected solutions that deliver new capabilities to control industrial operations enterprise-wide, from the edge to the core. Customers are also demanding a new breed of applications and software that deliver real-time intelligence to the right decision-makers at the right time.
“To meet this growing demand, Schneider Electric is launching a new wave of digitised and connected technologies designed to help reshape energy management and automation. EOS is one of our flagship field services solutions. This new cloud-based offer will enable process industries to reduce error-prone, paper driven processes by automating their instrument compliance procedures and planning – driving operations that are more safe, efficient, connected, reliable and sustainable.”
EOS Advisor is a planning and scheduling tool that enables more efficient management of equipment and staff; meanwhile, the EOS eCAT tablet application improves calibration process efficiency with a secure, mobile-compatible tool that eliminates the drawbacks of paper-based records systems.